When booking your hotel it is best to think about which location you want to be in.
If you want a beach holiday then stay at a hotel on the beach.
If you want to explore the town and the souqs (markets) then the old town might be better.
Whatever you choose be warned that driving in Dubai (even as a passenger) is not for the faint hearted!  So, if you want to limit your time in the traffic pick your hotel's location well.
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It can be quite hard to find your way into non tourist aspects of Dubai. 
Concierges tend to try and put you on tours if you ask about something out of the ordinary.  The complimentary maps don't give much detail if you're trying to find your own way around - we found a big city map in a book shop which helped enormously.
Dress Code:

This is a Muslim country and as such visitors ought to respect their culture. 
Dress appropriately.  Do not show excess flesh.  Swim wear is fine at the beach but not on the streets, the same goes for skimpy outfits.  Remember to cover up - even if you want a tan - when out and about.