48 hours in Guernsey isn't really long enough but to give you a taste of the island we hope the following pages help....


Depending upon where you are staying your best bet might be to take a taxi unless you are hiring a car. 

If you are staying in St Peter Port and want to take a bus you can take either bus number 4 or number 7a from the Airport to St Peter Port.  It will only cost 60p per person for the 20 minute ride.

In fact the bus system in Guernsey is excellent with routes all over the island covering most of the places of interest and with the fares being low and day tickets available it is quite a good option if you do not drive.
For more information on schedules and fares visit:

If you do hire a car it is relatively inexpensive, as is petrol in Guernsey because of the lower tax duty.

You might be used to driving a bigger car at home but remember many of the lanes here are very narrow so a smaller car is better (and cheaper to hire).

The cheapest hire car companies tend to be:

and the cheapest of all (although getting a reply out of them can be tricky) is:

They all conveniently pick up (and drop off) at the airport.