When you book your flight and hotel and the Travel Agent says it includes hotel transfers from and to the airport, ask if you can opt out of these and put the costs associated with them - as they are not FREE - towards something else.  You might be able to offset it against the cost of the hotel room or something you’d rather have as the MRT from the airport into town costs very little - S1.20 per trip* - and you don’t have to hang about waiting for the coach.
You can check out the MRT map and prices at their website to see if it will meet your needs:
* MRT ticketing system:  Tickets are bought at machines.  You pay $1 more than the fare and collect a $1 refund at the same ticket machines once you've completed your journey.  This is a deposit for the ticket which is a plastic card that you swipe across the face of the circular display at the ticket barriers.  Machines do give change and there are also change machines available in the bigger stations.

It seems that Singapore changes from week to week so the history is more in the location than the surroundings. The Godowns are now restaurants and shops, there are almost no Kampongs left (the last is due to be demolished soon) but it is a vibrant and safe place to visit. 
For up-to-date information on cultural events and additional information on Singapore in general visit their website: