The Imperial Crypt / Die KAISERGRUFT
Tegetthoffstraße 2
1010. Wien
Tel: 1 512 68 53 / 16   
Open: Daily 10.00 - 18.00
* Closed November 1st & 2nd

Adult entry costs €5

Since 1633 this has been the principal place of entombment for members of the Habsburg dynasty.  143 Habsburgs rest here (as of 2009). They include 12 emperors and 18 empresses. The most recent addition was in 2008.
It is interesting to see how elaborate some of the sarcophagi are (ranging from plain to rococo in style) and to trace the history of the family through death.

(* This is 100m up the road from Konditorei Oberlaa and Cafe Le Bol)

Stephansplatz 3
1010. Wien
Open: 6 am - 10 pm

You have to pay for everything (other than walking around the perimeter of the interior) once you're inside, which is a shame. 

Additional points of interest (and expense) from inside that are worth consideration are: The lift up the North Tower to see both the Pummerin bell and access the viewing platform on the roof from where you not only get a good view of the city but a great view of the Cathedral's elaborately decorated roof, displaying the Habsburg coat of arms. 
Back on the ground a tour of the catacombs is quite interesting.

A good site for an English language description of Stephansdom is:

(because of the lift to cupola)
Kreuzherrengasse 1
1040 Vienna, Austria
Open: Mon - Sat: 9 - 12.30 & 13.00 - 18.00
         Sundays & Public Holidays: Midday - 17.45

The outside of this building is impressive but at the moment the additional experience of being able to go to the top of the cupola (inside) and view the frescoes being restored up close is a real treat.  Entry to the Kirch includes the ride in the lift to the platform below the cupola.  No doubt Michelangelo would have loved to have had this equipment!
To find out more go to:

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47
1130. Wien
Opening hours for the Palace and gardens vary according to season so check them at:

Take the audio guide around the Palace, it's worth the expense as you won't find out a lot without it.
The Royal apartments are impressive and it is interesting (and surprising) to see how talented the Royal Family was when it came to adding their own artistic touches to rooms.

The gardens are quite impressive in their scale and layout too.

Walk around the districts admiring the buildings.
Start at 1st District, but if you like Art Deco/Nouveau/Jugendstil then the 4th District along the Naschmarkt from The Secession Building (near Karlsplatz) to, and beyond, the Otto Wagner Haus at Kettenbrückengasse, shows off some of the city's best architectural examples.

Spanish Riding School
Michaelerplatz 1
1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel: 1 53390310

Morning exercise. Tues - Sat: 10.00 am - 12.30 pm.
For prices and information:

For actual performances see their schedule for 2010:

*They close for 5 weeks in the summer, between the first week of July and mid-August.

In Summer:
The city provides free screenings in July and August at the Rathaus.  It is very busy with lots of food areas and seating in banks in front of a huge screen showing ballet, opera and other musical events.  These vary from night to night and a programme is available from stands around the Rathaus.

In the run up to Christmas:
There are numerous Christmas markets in Vienna but the best are:

In front of Karlskirche there is a beautiful Christmas market with the stalls offering a different array of merchandise than in many of the other markets.  There is also a children's animal petting area and a play area.

Schönbrunn Palace
This is a stunning location for another different market with the stalls offering  more interesting gift ideas.

Where in summer there were food stalls, seating and a huge screen, in Winter there is the Christmas market.  It is very large and a bit commercial but worth getting lost in for a while.

*From mid-January the market is replaced by a massive ice rink that winds its way around the area.  Skates can be hired here for a reasonable price.

Locals will say this is a beautiful market as it winds its way through streets made up of baroque and Biedermeier buildings between Siebensterngasse and Burggasse above the Museums Quartier.  It is fun to meander through to see where it goes and if you have covered all of it, but the stalls are run-of-the-mill.
There are however numerous food and drink opportunities in the area.

The Freyung is in the 1st district and this Christmas market is small but nice.  It is in a square and offers an interesting array of stalls.

What to Do

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Cupola Fresco detail Karlskirche
Scull and crown detail from tomb in the Kaisergruft
Rathaus and Christmas Market
Secession building Vienna